After saying a tearful goodbye to family we had no time to enjoy the Koru Lounge as we were straight through to the plane. With the flight running late it was quick march at Auckland airport to connect with the International leg of our journey to Houston.


Arriving in Houston with our bags for the year ahead

The flight was long as expected but the food was better than expected. Movies watched were…………..

Johnson Space Centre

Day 3 sees us with a rental car and loads of freedom. After having to relent and pay a load of insurance for the car we set off in search of the Johnson Space Centre – NASA. I’d heard it was a bit of a drive out of town but it really only seemed like we were in the freeway for 20 min’s at best before turning off onto the aptly names NASA Highway. The entrance way is well marked with a pair of T-38 Talon Jet Fighters standing guard……………

Houston – Mark

In and out of the airport in an hour – not too bad by our standards and previous US experience. It’s another big airport and takes a little to get around it and work out where you need to be to get out, but airport staff were friendly and helpful so we got there. The first thing that hits………..

The Beginning

Friday the 7th July 2017 was the day that life as we knew it has changed for the foreseeable future. This was the day that our new tenants Jo and Carl moved into our house in New Brighton and took over caring for Baz our dog for the next 388 days approximately.

A day with mixed feelings to be sure. Excitement for the year ahead but anxious for the time spent away from family, friends and having an income. Relief was there for getting all the tasks crossed off my list regarding the change over in surroundings and two weeks to reorganise ourselves for the year of travel ahead. With a final road trip to say good bye to family in Dunedin, Alexandra, Cromwell and Omarama, we are also trying to spend as much time with family here in Christchurch within our tight timeframe before we leave.

The list continues of things to sort before we depart on the 23rd July 2017 for Houston. Things like insurance, joining Trusted Housesitters, paying ahead rates etc and organising any other incoming bills until we return hopefully in July 2018 but definitely before Taylors 21st on August 13th.

When people say that things are meant to be we feel that the cards have fallen in our favour with our momentous decision Mary (Marks sister) and Jock purchased a house just before we needed to leave ours and before they travelled themselves to Europe for six weeks. Hence, we have a place to ourselves to stay till we departed New Zealand, plus their move gave us boxes galore to store our bits and bobs.

I have had a good 6 months (on and off) of planning and organising for our expedition but with Mark working until the 12th July he has yet to feel the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with such a life changing choice that we have embarked on.

We will return different but better people I’m certain for all the experiences we will have and the influence other people around the world will have on us. We both acknowledge it is a privilege to travel and although it will not always be plain sailing we will grow, learn and appreciate the simple things we take for granted in our lives today.

Who knows what roads we will travel or what is around the bend but our journey starts with hearts filled anticipation and knowing opportunity awaits.

Follow our journey and enjoy our travels 😊