San Francisco

Well we made it into San Fran early afternoon on Tuesday (US time) and after a drawn out customs process got ourselves out and had a ‘rapid’ taxi ride to the AirBnB we were staying in Millbrae which is a really nice hill suburb overlooking San Fran Airport. Trouble is we overlooked the day we gained in transit and arrived at the AirBnB to find we were a day early – hence the room wasn’t made up and they were somewhat surprised with our arrival. That said they were great hosts and found us a room in a house down the hill (which had a better outlook to the airport). We headed down the township of Millbrae, managed to purchase a US phone plan and got ourselves some supplies.

On Wednesday our time we started our quest to locate an RV to buy (well they don’t call them RV’s – we were corrected that what we wanted was a motor-home). We’d hired a car and first stop was to fight the San Fran traffic and head out and across the bay to a nice area about 90 mins away called Rio Vista. The heat was greater being inland and got up to @ 95 Fahrenheit which equates to 35 of our degrees. We were dealing with a private seller who was over in Europe and he directed us to a storage yard just our of Rio. His camper had been parked up / stored for 12 months and when we opened it, it looked like it was stored in a hurry. We hummed and harred and decided it wasn’t quite for us – good price, but it was in a bit of a state and we had no certainty as to how it would run. So we headed further inland to a big RV yard in Vacaville and whilst they have a load of campers, the pricing far exceeded our budged so it was back to San Fran to do some more research.

Our research picked up on a couple of options near Sacramento, so that’s where the road took us today – took @ 2.25 hours to firstly drive to a yard in Lodi which had more of a ‘vintage’ camper at a good price (and some other great classic cars on the yard – and good prices). From there we head on up to Sacramento and after much indecision from me we agreed on a machine that had just come into a dealer there and whilst it was more than we had budgeted for, we think it will be an ideal ‘home away from home’. Not quite as hot today, but still very pleasant and we have seen some great countryside in the area. There are some great bridges that span San Fran Bay (apart from the obvious golden one) and we have been really impressed with our journeys to date.

Tomorrow / Friday our time we have to drop our rental car back and then work through the process of getting a train up to Sacramento – I’m sure it will be fine. We have all day as the camper is being groomed and given the once over for us so we won’t be on the road until end of day tomorrow so not looking to go too much further but we will be fine. The start of our journey’s proper.

And to cap things off we got the news just before leaving NZ that we have a new grandson – Tara and Logan welcomed Charlie William into their home on Tuesday – no facial hair yet and apparently baby isn’t too fond of Dad’s beard so could be some grooming needed there – congratulations.

4 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. Pleased to hear you arrived safely into the big USA. Look forward to more of travel blogs. Congratulations to the new parents. The Pattersons are certainly good “breeders”. Take care, Ann xx


  2. Hi Mark and Carol Great to get your first update. Sounds like you have yourselves sorted now with your RV and on your way!! Have a ball. Cheers Jacqui


  3. Hi Mark and Carol. Good to see you are now on the road. We are interested in hearing how the motor home is going so keep up the good writing 🙂


    • Hi Megan – emm, have had some camper woo’s as you may have read – water pump, fuel pump and drive shaft seal, but that’s 3 things so we should be right now shouldn’t we. I think it budget weren’t an issue the RV life could be very comfortable but we are happy as we go. We work on driving maybe 250 miles a day – we are just cruising along at 55-60 miles and hour so that’s a 5 hour day so that’s enough – plenty to see on the way. Hope you’re doing well.


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