Pulling away from the Salt on Thursday morning we made the long straight haul to Salt Lake City on Interstate 80 (from Wendover you cover something like 80 k’s without any bend in the road). We worked our way into the city and found a park on a side street and headed up to get the light rail train into Temple Square – the Morman Church ‘centre of the universe’. The church have a large portion of Salt Lake’s downtown set aside for church related properties. It’s a big facility but well worth a look. Their temples were quite different to what we had seen elsewhere in the world – not such a religious presence to them – no crosses etc. We went to an organ performance in the Tabernacle and then went over to the Convention Centre where Celeste guided us through – answering lots of questions we had about the Mormon religion on the way. The centre piece to the convention centre is its convention hall – it can sit 21000 and there are regular performances / concerts staged here. The building architecture was very neat – the roof of the building is a living roof with trees, plants and grasses all growing to reflect Utah and the Mormon journey to Utah / Salt Lake City.

We had a look around downtown – you can see the Mormon presence in a lot of the city. We got the light rail back to the camper and then worked our way north of the city to an area near Clearfield to a free RV camping site. We had some motor troubles along the way and hoped this wasn’t an omen for what lay ahead. Fortunately Romin started fit and well on the Friday morning so we called on an RV yard for some advice and after a stop at the auto shop and a fuel fill up, we were off and running again. Our next stop was Hills Airforce Base north of Salt Lake City. This facility is great – and it’s free! We spent the bast part of 4 hours looking around and talking to the very friendly volunteers. We were given plenty of advice for the road ahead. For me the display was very impressive – great collection of World War 2 – present US air power on display – being US Airforce, all the craft were of US origin. I was amassed at how close you could get to the likes of a B-1 and B-52 bomber and the scale of some of these planes up close really surprised me (thank you Murray Trim for the suggestion – thoroughly recommend a visit to this museum).

Pulling away from the museum we pushed north before cutting back across to the east to a really nice town of Logan (Utah State University is based here). We stopped at the National Parks office and got our annual pass for the coming parks ahead. From there we headed into Logan Canyon – a really nice area full of really nice camping spots. We stopped at a spot called Franklin’s Basin and secured ourselves a nice spot that we settled into for the next couple of days. Goal was to see some wildlife but with exception of a few squirrels and some deer, the wildlife was a bit limited. The camping area was busy with ATV’s and off-roaders roaring around, and those hunting and fishing in the area. Later on Sunday afternoon we packed up and headed up and over in a really nice area called Bear Lake which is split by Utah and Idaho. We found ourselves a spot at the south end of the lake and parked up for the night. Again, Bear Lake was a bit like a Wanaka – loads of water sports and people out and around the lake swimming, barbequing and sunning in he late part of the weekend.

Monday morning we were up and away early – we following the shoreline up and along the lake going through Garden City – the lake’s base. From there we stepped across the border into Idaho for a number of miles before cutting back over into Wyoming – next stop the national parks.

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