Idaho – Part 2

Coming east out of Spokane it’s a short 5 miles or so to the northern end of the Idaho border – the neck of Idaho is only around 75 miles across. There’s one main city to the north – Coeur d’Alene. I’m not really clear as to how it got its name other than it was founded as a US Army Outpost in 1870 and now seems to be famous for its resorts – a favourite with vacationers – so I’m told. Add to that, Coeur d’Alene is also home to one of the countries largest populations of Osprey and Bald Eagles – go figure. Well for us Coeur d’Alene was pretty much just a junction. The most direct way east would have been to stay on Interstate 90, but we haven’t been Interstate lovers to date, so we took the scenic loop – what could have been a trip of around 150 miles, we made into a trip of around 225 miles. But as it turns out it was well worth it. At Coeur d’Alene we branched north on the I95 as if we were heading for Canada. The road north had some real treats for me – loads of old cars sitting in yards here and there. It was a funny stretch of road as there were a lot of large car yards plonked here and there but no houses to support the area. The houses looked to be up at Sandpoint a really nice river fed lake area which was where we turned off to head east again – this time on the I200. The lake it turns out – I think it was called Lake Oroville or similar, then flows out into the Clark Fork River – a stretch of water we would follow the rest of the way out of Idaho and then well across Montana as it would turn out. Idaho had a last gift for me – just near the border on the I200 was a great old collection of cars and trucks displayed up on a stone bank with a nice mount backdrop – all looking out across to the river. Would have loved to have stopped to look but out time, this second time around in Idaho, was to be short – but as you can see, we’d extended it with our choices – nice one.

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