North Dakota

We crossed over into North Dakota and stopped at the little down of Ellendale for a wander and to get some supplies. Time wouldn’t permit us to do justice to this state so for us once refreshed we started working our way east and north – in order to get over to Fargo – the state’s largest city (population of nearly 125,000) and one of those funny cities that sits right on a state border and essentially is cut in half by the border. We were looking for an RV Park for the night – we hadn’t factored this when we set out but a lot if not all the ‘northern state’ RV operators close us for the winter – some as early as the end of September, many from the middle of October. We managed to find a nice camp in the heart of Fargo – a big modern city which brings with it lots of traffic – add to that it was around 4.30 / 5pm so we were in the thick of it but we managed to navigate our way through and found our way to the RV park – Lindenwood Park, that was set in a very nice park area along by the river. We had loads of squirrels to keep us company – there were loads of trees and nuts to keep them happy. Romin was in desperate need of a wash so that was my task once parked up – as best I could I scrubbed some of the past week’s crim away. With a somewhat cleaner camper I was comfortable we could keep heading east looking a bit more respectable. We camped up for the night – tomorrow we would be state jumping again. There is a good aircraft museum in the city but in the interests of time I didn’t go to explore it the following morning – we needed to move east.

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