We crossed into Maine early Friday afternoon – doing well, but Romin wasn’t doing so well. Romin decided to have a bit of a hissy on us – slipping transmission and our speedo is having spasms all the time – all of which combined to take some of the light off the wonderful state that I think is Maine. Maine was our eastern most target for our ‘touch all the states’ quests, so rather roughly running, we arrived. Again, time, and the reliability of Romin would prevent us taking in all that this state has to offer – given more time (and reliability) I would have loved to have pushed as far east in the US as you can out at an area called Lubec which is right up where Nova Scotia hits the US. The coastline along this state looks amazing with islands and inlets – another time / another visit to the state may well be needed, but reality is we are lucky to be here now and to see it when we have – at some point soon the snow is due and the landscape will change for many months ahead.

Back to the here and now – we carried on down the 302 – the inland area is blessed with a load of lakes as well so we have seen on our map a supposed rest area near one of the lakes, but alas it was not to be. My early observations of this state included skis, snowmobiles and boats. Obviously it was that time of year when all the big ski sales were happening, and then everyone was gearing their snowmobiles for the pending snow, and with the boats, they were either being towed to get out on the water – for those still hearty enough, or they were being shrink-wrapped for the winter ahead. The other thing to note through all of New England is the size and style of some of the homes – called the New England Colonial style – they are big multi-level homes with veranda, high stud ceilings etc.  We pulled into the town of North Windham and then pushed east out to the coast at Freeport finding a really good free overnight car park right in the town. Parked, we headed out for a good walk – determined to see the water – emm, was a bit more of a hike that expected, and the water in the end only ended up being an upper part of an estuary channel. On Friday morning we had an easy early start – Carol had a nice call from Perth to catch up with Logan, Tara and Charlie so a good start to the day. From there, and very anxious we located an RV place on the south side of Maine and made a beeline there to try and get some answers for how Romin was running. As fate would have it, she ran well all the way down to the RV place – no figure. RV place weren’t able to assist us but directed us next door to a truck place and yep, she played up. A bit of tinkering under the bonnet we were still no further ahead so it was on up the road to the Ford dealer for some answers. Unable to assist us they sent us down the road to a transmission shop in Wells where the guys had a look and came back with a bit of a crim report – she might keep going, she might blow the transmission – hard to tell.

With the mood somewhat sombre and confused we headed on south as best we could, figuring we’d best not hang around in these northern quarters and needed to head south. First I needed to see the sea proper so we headed out to an area to the south known as York Beach. The area / foreshore road was littered with seaweed – they had obviously had some high stormy tides and as I say, the roadside was awash with seaweed. The coast here consists of the sea smashing in on a break, the road, and then houses right up on the road – I think in some of the big storms, high tides they would be quite susceptible. Able to see the Atlantic – but not touch today – the seas and weather were pretty rough, we instead parked and had a cuppa to take in the view, and sea smells, before a local made us more – apparently we were squashing the seaweed he collected – emmm. Nursing Romin along we headed out to Interstate 95 for the final short run out of this state – again, disappointed not to have more time and ability to savour what this state has to offer. Before we knew it Maine was gone and we it we were crossing out of a state again.

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