Northern Ohio

Crossing the border into Ohio it’s a short run down to Toledo. We cut over to get onto Great Lakes Circle Tour – Highway 2 that would take us up and around the southern side of Lake Erie – yep, another of the Great Lakes. Erie is considered the busiest of the lakes – it borders Ohio, Michigan (comes in at the south side of Detroit), Pennsylvania, New York State and Ontario Canada. It’s the 11th largest freshwater lake in the world, and was the last of the Great Lakes to be discovered by white explorers (the area was home to the hostile Iroquois Indians and that kept a lot of early explorers clear of the area till around 1669). For us we travelled on in the late sun of this Sunday afternoon until we were around 40 miles west of Cleveland – we found a really nice Highway rest area to park up in – it was in amongst the trees so road noise was reduced for a change. Along the way we passed our first nuclear power plant at an area outside of Oregon Ohio. The plant was right up against the lake so they obviously draw water in to cool things as needed. Also what we picked up on in this area were the large tree nurseries and grape vineyards. Monday morning saw us head back out onto the highway which had now merged with the Interstate and we headed for the nearest Walmart and Starbucks – Walmart for supplies, Starbuck for refreshments and charging. Fully recharged it was time to push on (was late morning by that stage) and so we headed for the Interstate and ran east and north along the bottom of Lake Erie until it was Ohio no more – time to cross another border.

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