Northern Pennsylvania

This would be a short run through Pennsylvania – we would be back here in a few days, so this time round it was simply about cutting across the northern end of the state – a run of around 50 miles. For us we choose to stick with the scenic route and got ourselves off the Interstate and over onto Highway 5 – Coastal Scenic Byway. We stopped at a nice spot just about the town of Erie – there was a boat ramp here so we took the opportunity to park up for a cuppa and also to go out and touch the lake itself. The area was called Shade Beach and it was used in the 20’s by rum runners who cut across the lake from Canada with alcohol during the US’s prohibition period – one way to get the goods in I guess. Whilst parked here a local fisherman came in – reckoned it was pretty rough out on the lake, but from where we were sitting it looked flat as. He’d had a successful time out fishing and had plenty to keep him going. We had a good talk about the area – he was equally interested to hear about our travels and plans. He was telling us that the lake has a pretty good climate and was still at 70 degrees – and as a result of that, this area is one of the last to get any winter snow. As a result the coast line along the lake here was full of apple orchards and grapes. With another lake ticked off we carried on along the 5 and before too long, we’d crossed this section of Pennsylvania.

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