Southern New Hampshire

Our entry back into New Hampshire is the very busy Interstate 95 – we were in the thick of later Friday afternoon traffic – everyone rushing to get home or get somewhere, so we plugged on in the right lane of the Interstate as we have right across the US. To make matters worse, we had to make the call to use the toll road – I know, went against all we have been trying to achieve, but needing to take what seemed like the easiest route south, a $4 toll wasn’t the worst thing. Irony is that Interstate 95 is only a stretch of 15 miles across the south eastern side of New Hampshire, so at Interstate speeds, even our speed of around 55 miles and hour, our ‘New Hampshire revisited’ was a short trip. With the day closing in around us, there really isn’t too much more to our New Hampshire experience – the Interstate is wall to wall trees – as it turns out this was a precursor to what the next couple of eastern states would hold in store for us. Again, all too quickly New Hampshire was gone and we are about to hit another state for the first time.

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