By this stage of the game it was getting on for 5pm as we pulled up at the Visitor Info Centre on the Vermont border at Fair Haven. I ducked next door to an RV dealer in order to get the propane topped us. With maps in hand we set off to get somewhere across Vermont this evening. Even in this late afternoon light, the colour on the hills was impressive. About 20 miles east of the border you get to the city of Rutland. We fuelled up – as did a large group of motor-cyclist obviously on a large rally somewhere. We were crossing the mid-section of Vermont – a distance of only around 65 miles. Leaving Rutland you have a good climb up and across Mt Killington – very popular ski area – the ski runs here appear to be through forested areas so quite different to back home. There were fancy ski lodges and ski lifts along the main road as we passed along – but no snow just yet. Rest areas weren’t plentiful along this stretch of road – the map suggested there would be a spot but it didn’t materialise. We’d run around 45 miles across the state and it was getting very dark by this staged, so we ended up parking in a little carpark in the town of Woodstock – making sure we rose early the following morning so as not to draw any attention to ourselves. Out of our overnight spot early on Thursday morning we had a foggy and dark start to the day as we covered the remaining 20 miles that would take us out of this state all too soon. Due to the time of day we had travelled I really don’t think we got to do much justice to the state of Vermont, but we did see some colours, and got a bit of a sense for what the state offers.

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