Crossing over the Savannah we were now in the southern state of Georgia. We pulled into the rest area just over the river aiming to park up for the night only to find that overnight parking wasn’t allowed so we pushed south on Interstate 85 to a truck-stop for the night – busy spot and also noisy but needs must. On Friday morning we made the call that we would stop to take in some sight in the state, so I found details of the Georgia Motorsports Museum so we made our way north and across to the town of Dawsonville. Looks like Georgia was one of the key states that was heavily involved in the running of moonshine. As a result, the local moonshine runners developed great car craft and many were selected to become the first NASCAR drivers – story goes that some would run moonshine before and after the races. Georgia is another very strong NASCAR state, and Dawsonville is home to the Elliot family – another strong name in NASCAR history. The museum in Dawsonville has a load of info relating to the Elliot’s and other local motorsport identities and was very good. Next door to the museum is a Moonshine Museum for those interested in that. Getting back to Romin, she started to run a bit crazy on us – the speedo isn’t working – its flat lining when first started and then once running it flicks back and forth something crazy. As a result the transmission is struggling to work out what gear to engage in, so when we do get running we are best to keep running. So we carried on west on Highway 53 to cut across to Interstate 75 before then running north to the top of the state on Highway 225. We were running albeit it not well, so we pushed on and yes, left another state behind us whilst there was still daylight.

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