Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut

As fate would have it, and circumstance for that matter, our run through this state was going to be short and sweet as well. By the time we cross over into Massachusetts it was almost dark, so we motored on to find a rest area near Lowell. This put us to the west of Boston – we plan to be visit Boston at the end of the trip minus Romin – the idea of trying to navigate Romin around a city like Boston simply doesn’t appeal at the moment so we will be back to do it in a more comfortable manner later in January all going to plan. For now, our rest and as it would turn out, only stop in this state was a busy Interstate rest area, but we parked up for the night we the hum of the road and the parked trucks humming us to sleep. Saturday morning, we pushed south from Lowell – Romin struggled to get going but clicked into gear – literally and we were off. We cut off the Interstate onto Highway 495 south before turning off at the town of Milton onto the 102 so we could cut through into Rhode Island. Given more time I was really keen for us to head right to the bottom of Massachusetts and out to the Cape Cod area – where Nantucket lies. Would have been nice to have seen the coastline around this area, but again, it will need to be another time.

Yep, like Massachusetts our time in Rhode Island would be short and sweet as well – needs must. Reality is that Rhode Island isn’t big at all – in fact it’s the US’s smallest state by area. We would be only covering the western corner of the state, so unfortunately our time in Rhode Island would be short. We cut through to Slatersville on then south on the 102 to connect with the 6 which would take us west and out of the state – already. Reflections, albeit brief about this state – there is loads of history in this New England area – this is where the English took a hold in the 1700’s before being pushed on. Another general observation of eastern USA is the sheer volume of cemeteries we passed / saw. Obviously this is the older side of the nation, and it seems reflected in the volume of cemeteries we saw – most of which age back accordingly. Another interesting observation is the fact that most of the cemeteries are just so open – they come up to the roadside – no fences for the most part – quite different to what we would see back home.

Before we know it we cross into our third state for the day – Connecticut. We stopped at the old town of Willimantic before cutting west on the 66 in order for us to duck down below Hartford the state capital. The 66 was very stop go – we were going through small town Connecticut and there seemed to be stopped lights everywhere, so a bit of a stop start affair shall we say. Like the other New England states, Connecticut was all about the trees – as far as the eye could see. Tucked away in amongst those trees you have houses here and there and even little towns, but as you crest a hill, all you are rewarded with is the view of trees and more trees ahead of you. Reaching Middletown we then joined up with the 691 and worked our way across to Interstate 84 for the remainder of the state. Being the interstate there were cars everywhere, and yep, trucks zooming by us as we plugged on in the right lane as best we could. An observation that may not be accurate but there seem to be more Cadillac’s per capita in the eastern US states. Mid America is simply all about the pick-up truck, whereas the East Coast was Tesla country – well that was how it appeared to me. We were running out of Saturday as we made our final push west and out of Connecticut – time for enter our 4th state in a day.

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