Continuing on the 231 that we climbed out of Tennessee on, we noted that the standard of roading dropped a bit – that was until we got ourselves through to the town / city of Scottsville. The roading improved, the houses got bigger, the properties were large with big fenced paddocks, but where were the horses? Another observation across pretty much all of the US is the total lack of fencing – houses / yards are rarely fenced. From Scottsville it was an easy run on the 231 into Bowling Green – Corvette country. Bowling Green is the home of Corvette in the US – their main production line is based here and as a result they have the National Corvette Museum – our destination for today. There’s a long running GM worker strike at the moment and workers made sure to be on the corner near where you turn into Corvette Drive to go to the museum and also where the factory is. The museum was good – I’m not going to say great as I was, yep, disappointed that a couple of key Corvette cars that I had expected to see / be on display, were not. You don’t come all this way not expecting to see what I think many Corvette enthusiasts will say is ‘thee Corvette’ to see in the flesh – the ’63 Split Window. Alas, no original ’63 was part of the collection / display today. The museum made headlines back in 2014 when a large sinkhole opened up in the museum and ‘swallowed’ 8 cars in the collection. Unfortunately 5 of the 8 were so badly damaged that it was deemed in practical to restore / repair, so now the museum has a large central display – in the area where the sinkhole occurred, to remember the vehicles involved – 3 of the restored and the other 5 looking pretty much as they were when dragged out – caked in mud / dirt, and smashed.

Having had a good look around the museum we had a walk around the nearby area – across the road from the museum is the smartly located Artz Classic Cars – he has quite a collection – Corvette’s are popular in number, but he had a pretty amazing collection of 50’s onwards American classics and muscle cars – all for sale – if only. Supposedly buyers have come from all over the world to buy vehicles from Art – he has some reputation. Having had a good Corvette fix we found a spot to park for the night – yep, in a central Bowling Green shopping complex car park – it wasn’t too noisy so all and all not too bad. On Sunday we had a wander around and then got ourselves, and Romin moving on Interstate 65 for our run across Kentucky today. The Interstate points us north towards Louisville, Kentucky’s largest city. Coming into the city you pass the Louisville International Airport – appears to be a big UPS hub as there were a load of UPS planes in the area. We pass Cardinal’s Stadium – the state’s NFL team – all of these stadiums are impressive – just need to get along to a game sometime. Navigating the spaghetti junction, we are running out of state. Bordering Kentucky and Indiana is the Ohio River – we cross that and we have crossed out of one state and into another – I think there were 4 bridges spanning the river all within a kilometre of each other.

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