We cut into the state of Tennessee to the east of Chattanooga on Highway 225, and made our way through to Cleveland and then up an onto the busy Interstate 75 again – where does all this traffic come from? We were swamped with trucks and cars roaring north on the interstate – all passing us with ease as we struggled at our desired 60 mile an hour max. We pushed on up the interstate around 25 miles to a rest area and parked up. We still had daylight so I got the barbe out and cooked up some sausages for us – nice easy dinner. Rest area was popular with the trucks – we were hemmed in by them and were rocked to sleep as best you can with the hum of the truck generators that seem to be kept running overnight. On Saturday morning we got on the road early – A) to try and beat some of the traffic, and B) because we had a bit of a run ahead of us, around 200 miles to get up and into Kentucky to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. We had a nice run up and through the state of Tennessee this Saturday morning – Romin got running okay so that was the main thing for us. We had plans to probably come back to Tennessee to ‘park the camper’ in November, so weren’t too concerned about our only crossing the state this morning. Getting on the road earlier looked to be a good move – the Interstate wasn’t its usual manic, plus we only had a short run up it before cutting north and west to get up through the state.

Our route took us west on Highway 305 and then connected with Highway 68. This road took us over the Watts Bar Dam – I can’t be sure if it was part of a river or a rather large lake but I do know that just up from the dam there was a large nuclear power plant with the standard chimney plume. On the west side of the dam you climb up to an area called Grandview and then out to the city of Crossville. At this point we hopped onto the Interstate again – I40 for our run west. The I40 runs you all the way into Nashville and we got to around 25 miles from the city before branching off to head north and out of the state. Along the way we managed to gain back and hour – crossing from the eastern to the central time zones – that said, our run across the state this morning still took us something like 5 hours, so gaining an hour was a plus for museum timeframes. We got ourselves onto Highway 231 just after the town of Lebanon – yep, another one of those places that it would be interesting to learn as to how it was named. The 231 gives you one last climb out of the state – Tennessee had rewarded us with a good run today – plenty of variety but no significant climbs so a bit easier on Romin – a good outcome I think. Yep, before we know it we are crossing over into another state.

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