I say Mississippi but in order to get to Mississippi we did have to make a run through the bottom end of Tennessee – through Memphis to be precise. As noted, Memphis is one of those cities that crosses states – Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi. Sticking to the Interstate our run south to the Mississippi border was straight forward and the 25 odd miles we had to run were soon passed and we saw the sign welcoming us to the state of Mississippi. You enter through the suburb of Southhaven – we’d planned on staying at an RV Park locally but when contacting them for a spot, they and another couple of local RV Parks advised they were full – maybe the ‘snowbirds’ had come south. As a result we would have to move further south to get a spot. For tonight we were content to run around 50 miles into the state – we made ourselves comfortable in the Walmart carpark in Batesville for the night – the rain still pouring down.  On Saturday morning the weather started to clear and we made our run south towards Jackson – we’d secured a space at an RV Park at Clinton – west of Jackson the state capital of Mississippi. We had a run of around 150 miles – it took Romin a bit to settle down this morning – all the more reason to get her parked up for the time being. We had a pretty good run south but did come upon an accident on the Interstate so everything ground to a halt for maybe 30 mins before we started to inch forward – couple of vehicles had come together in the greasy conditions.

Reaching Jackson we cut west on the I20 to the suburb / outer town of Clinton and got ourselves parked and settled into the Springridge RV Park – this would be home for us the rest of the coming week, and Romin would be calling this home for atleast the next month. We spent Sunday just relaxing into RV Park life – both Carol and I got a book finished over the course of the weekend. Whilst the park was fine, its location wasn’t the best for us – Clinton didn’t offer us any viable transport options to get in and out of the city, limiting us to trying to walk around locally. Main issue for us is the fact that there are no footpaths and we had the Interstate / Highway to cross – emm, not ideal, but through the course of the week we zig zagged back and forth from the camp across into the local services Clinton offered – loads of fast food outlets – all with drive throughs, along with the necessary auto shop and supermarket. On Monday we hiked over to the shopping area and approached the rental car company for a quote for a vehicle to get us north to Minneapolis, but that turned out to be totally in practical with a $400 relocation fee attached to the quote. Tuesday was spent trying to re-caulk the windows on Romin – some previous heavy rain had generated a couple of leaks, so I took advantage of a fine day to get around most of the windows – not the flashiest job but hopefully it would do the trick, and forecast indicated it was going to be tested that evening.

And tested it was – around 2am we got warnings on our mobiles of Flash Floods in the area – and soon after the warning siren went off. The rain was very heavy for around 3 hours – but on the plus side – no leaks so caulking looked to have worked. Fortunately Wednesday dawned dry and the day improved as it went on – was quite a muggy day. We took the opportunity to hike over the interstate as we had been, and went and explored the Old Town of Clinton and grounds of the Mississippi College – was good to be around some nice buildings, grounds and trees – yep, the RV Park is fairly bland – a mix of RV’s and trailers in the central area and then a load of trailer homes on the wider complex – I think Carol heard you could buy a unit for around $45K? The Old Town area was quite refreshing for us and they actually had some sidewalks which were a welcome change. That eventing we had another weather warning issued – more flash floods expected up until 11am and again, fortunately the caulking held up well for us but I did find one new leak, so Thursday was a trip over for some more caulking. Following the bad weather the temperature plummeted – we woke to a frost and the temperature only got up towards 10 degrees today – just warm enough for me to get the caulking done. Thursday was Halloween and we’d expected some visitors to the RV that night, and were prepared with chocolate bars, but none came a calling – chocolate bars for the pending trip ahead.

Friday was all about prepping Romin for going into storage for the next 3 weeks, and getting ourselves ready to head north. The options to get to Minneapolis were flying, train, rental car of bus – bus won out based on the budget – in what felt like a case of dejavu from our Europe and South America travel expenses and choices, we were booked for a 25-hour bus ride. We got Romin parked up, our bags packed and got a taxi to collect us from the park and run us into Jackson to the central bus terminal. Our taxi driver was a talker and decided to take what seemed to be the scenic route into Jackson – downside was the fee increased, but on the positive we got to see some more of the city. We passed the Colosseum – I think it’s the city AP showground and arena. The taxi driver was explaining that some of the older buildings in the central city were being restored as apartment living – and was proving popular. The bus terminal finally materialised and we got ourselves checked in and readied for the bus ride ahead – that update is to come.

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