Parking back up on the RV Park in Clinton Mississippi, our challenge is how will we pass the days ahead? The weather back in Clinton was good – we have sun and the rains have eased. The issue for us is still the ability for us to ‘safely’ get ‘out and about’. Friday and Saturday were quiet days around the camp – exploring options for selling Romin on, and exploring some of the neighbourhood – there are some nice large houses but alas, no footpaths. On Sunday to our surprise we managed to find more footpaths – quite the achievement here in Mississippi. To our surprise there was a solid footpath all the way up to the Walmart – a really good walk for us out in the sun – nice. Along the way there is a small plantation area and we spotted a Turkey Buzzard perched up on a tree checking us out. We loaded ourselves up with some supplies from the supermarket for the week ahead and headed back to the camper – all the better for a good walk – step count bounced back up today. Monday was spent around camp enjoying some sun again – we seem to have made friends with one of the local residents that has a house in the RV Park – he’s been checking in on us from time to time.

I’d managed to accumulate a load of brochures and bits and pieces from our travels – museum keep sakes and the like, so on Tuesday we made the trek up to the Old Town to the Post Office with a load of bits and pieces to post home. Assuming it wouldn’t cost us much to do so, we were a little surprised, and short of dollars to do so today, so home we lugged all our bits and pieces again. On Wednesday we went better prepared – $120 later and we have a parcel heading home. Thursday was Thanks Giving here in the US – so we shouted ourselves a nice Thanks Giving lunch at one of the local restaurants. We forewent breakfast so by midday we had a happy appetite and settled in and enjoyed a nice meal – with Pumpkin Pie to finish with – very nice. Most businesses took the advantage of closing on Friday and making a good ‘long weekend’ of it so it was quiet in the neighbourhood. We took a good walk exploring the local area further, getting odd looks from motorist getting around. That’s part of the issue locally – nobody walks – everyone drives regardless of how far they are going. Case in point, there’s a family staying 3 caravans down from us – albeit at best 60 metres away, and they hop in the car to drive back and forth to the bathroom – I just keep scratching my head at that action.

Our focus at the moment is on selling Romin as we need to move the camper on ahead of us confirming the last stages of our US travels and coming home. Saturday was consumed ringing around dealers – with not much to show for it. After some good sun tan days, the weather was forecast to turn bad – stormy, and by mid evening the thunder started clapping and the rain came in, but fortunately it didn’t last too long. On Sunday we made the trek up to Walmart again – a good walk with plenty of sunlight, and chips and chocolate chip cookies for our efforts (plus some other basics of course). The weather is fine again, sunny days, but the evenings really are getting cold – down to freezing level is forecast. We managed to load an advert for Romin on Facebook and had perspective buyers all lined up to come and view and ultimately purchase from us on Tuesday, only for our Facebook account to collapse on us. As a result, no one could contact us and we couldn’t contact anyone so unlike our plans, nobody came to view Romin – very frustrating day for us. With Facebook still down, and Romin not up to the task, we have made plans for a road trip over to New Mexico and Arizona. On Wednesday morning I hiked down to the rental car outlet, collected our car and headed back to get Carol and our gear and then we were off – will update on our road trip shortly. We’ll tackle selling Romin on our return to Clinton in a week.

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