Introducing Carol and Mark – a pair of 50 something Kiwi’s who are pushing the boat out and heading off on our big OE. Life can be too short at times and whilst we had a ‘ten-year plan’, matters have aligned to the point that we have decided the time is right to head off to tick off a few things on the bucket list. As such we have given ourselves 12 months to do as much as we can but who knows how things will work out, so as such we’re leaving things a little open-ended in the interim.

We’ve booked up a number of tours and have balanced that with finding our own way and ‘experiencing some culture’ on a semi-regular basis. We’re extending ourselves with the places we are going to and know we will come back all the richer for having done so.

We’re using our blog in several different ways:

  • We will use it to keep family back home in New Zealand up to date with our movements and adventures,
  • A number of friends have indicated they are keen to follow us and see what we are up to and where we are going, and
  • If we can inspire anyone reading this to ‘give it a go’ we will be inspired to push on some more

Last year we were fortunate to travel together for a month in the western part of the United States – some say this was our test run. On that trip we tried to update everyone via email every few days with what we had been up to. Some updates were short and succinct (Carol’s) whereas the balance were lengthy stories – with no stones unturned (Mark’s). With this blog we are looking to give you the option – a ‘his and hers’ tab so you can follow us as much, or as little as suits and time permits.

We hope in some part you can feel you are experiencing all that we are through our postings. Enjoy your reading and share our adventures as suits.