Houston and Galveston

After saying a tearful goodbye to family we had no time to enjoy the Koru Lounge as we were straight through to the plane. With the flight running late it was quick march at Auckland airport to connect with the International leg of our journey to Houston.


Landing in Houston with our bags for the a year ahead

The flight was long as expected but the food was better than expected. Movies watched were Jasper Jones and John Wick Part 2. Both were a little more violent than I usually watch so maybe I was getting into the mood to stand and defend if anything untoward happens rather than the run Forrest run mode I usually favor.

At Houston we chose the option of a $2.50 bus fare instead of the $60 shuttle or Uber. It took an hour plus but we were in no hurry and we thought that this will be good practice us for prepping us for the next year.

First impressions of Houston were flat and brown with low box like buildings interspersed with trees. Nothing to write home about – oops maybe worth writing home about but not in any detail. We found our AirBnB and settled in with a walk to a supermarket to set ourselves up with supplies for the next few days.

With Houston spread over a vast area the public transport is very poor. We decided to rent a car and drop off at Orlando when we head to Costa Rica on the 4th. A little bit of haggling and we were happy with our pricing. The inter city building made me a little happier with some great features and angles to be admired.

We head out to the Johnston Space Centre on Tuesday to arrive at 10am when it opens. Happy to be inside for hours as a local said it was so hot that the trees were hoping the dogs would pee on them they were so short of moisture. A great facility with heaps of interactive displays and knowledge boards. Looking at the actual control room for the shuttle launches and touching a rock from Mars boggled the mind. Another thing that stuck in my mind was “Safety is never an accident” which was written on a gate and I thought a great catch phrase.

Late in the afternoon we thought that as we were half way there and we had a car we made our way to Galveston. A place with beautiful buildings and interesting history.


The Bishops Palace

First being part of Mexico and called Campeachy with a population of 1,000 in 1820. In 1836 Texas won it independence from Mexico and Galveston was the temporary capital. In 1840 the first wharf was built with the first Mardi Gras in 1876. In 1900 a hurricane stuck Galveston killing over 6000 people and destroying over 3,500 buildings. Nature is beautiful as well as fearsome.

As I have been to New Orleans before I will leave Mark to give his thoughts for this part of our journey.

Sending warm thoughts to everyone at home.

Keep safe xx